More on the Chan perceptions.

How can we perceive reality if our mind is fully busy with desire , expectations ,remorsement , antagonism and wrong information ?

Reality can only be perceived from a completely pure mind preceded by absolute stillnes and quiteness inherent to full ecuanimity .

Even in our daily ocupations whether we act or not in full mental stillness makes the big difference .

The wu-wei so much in the heart of taoist and chan attitudes does not mean being absent or idle . It means not going along with any desire or emotion nor promoting dualistic actions that contribute to the distortion of reality. It actually means acting when really necessary in the right direction in full quiteness of mind .

A pure mind might be seen at times apparently acting the same as an ordinary mind but the pure mind will never have any other impulse in what it does than the spontaneous ecuanimity that is in its nature . A pure mind automaticatically search without intention the equilibrium inherent to nature , withour trying to cause any harm whatsoever ..

The pure mind feels as a function of totatility and consequently part of the environment with wich constamntly comunicates through meditation . The ego is subdued in favour of the subttle mind that sees beyond senses and ceases suffering on egocentric attitudes to discover the joy of gaining access to the perception of full reality.


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  1. My e-mail is and I am a Chan 77 years old , strongly linked to the sixth patriarch Hui Neng…

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