Are you able to play this game ?

Thoughts are flowing through your mind , sensations are itching around , wishes are nocking at your ego….a bunch of options are showing for you to choose ….

As long as you just overlook all without lust , as long as you observe them all without getting involved , your subttle mind is in command and you will be conscious of being a manifestation of totality which can shift through the infinity of paths available in a sort of spiritual joy .

The moment you get involved in any of the experiences you become local and the ordinary mind becomes the star . Dualistic satisfactions and sufferings fill your existence .

If ordinary mind gets too much carried away by involvement in a deep of materialism , then conciousness is lost and connection with the subttle mind is interrupted .

Recovey of conciousness is a hard task that needs some kind of awakening and concentration .

Are local experiences a bad thing ? If they would , they would not be part of totality . The challenge is simply do your routine in full conciousness .

Bodhisatwas choose to remain local to help people around to maintain or recover conciousness , thus saving people from lots of unconscious suffering .

We can grow from our emotions provided we do not fall permanent victims of them .

Most people do not need to change their routines but just their minds to simply see beyond emotions and change their idea of happiness .


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