1929 Through 2013 . Different tools , different persons ,same idiot mind caused by short sight economic perception .

Phase one .

Bubble caused by speculation allowed by ignorant governments and voters , unable to see that at times the growth and wellbeing of tomorrow must be built on today´s contention.

World leaders pretend that stock exchange is the soul of real economy . Money goes to stock markets trading and ignores long term investments needed to create added value to ensure a healthy middle class . The problem is deeper in Occident .

Governments and speculators helped by slave complice media , try to create an atmosphere of optimism that ignores tremendous problems of real economy and props an spiral of debt and deficits

Equilibrium offer versus demand drastically broken , purchase power collapse , unemployment burst , middle class collapse .

Phase two .

Speculators followed by uncompetitive governments ignore world economic situation and instead of assuming losses and correcting speculative models , pretend to solve problems by multiplying liquidity injections out of spiraling additional debt that will further concentrate reachness in fewer world leading hands .

Blindness reaches historical records . Long term investments are simply dismissed . Governments become instruments of big money .

This time is worse than in 1929 . World unbalance with some asian economies accelerating innovation and promoting advanced technology companies and ventures , deepen the misery of western industrial activity .

China’s perception of western situation , makes chinese to shift their stimulus from exports to domestic demand . In two years chinese growth will return to growths of 9.5 % .
India , Russia and Brazil will follow China .

Petrol and commodity prices will increase to levels impossible to assume by stagnated western economies with fading competitiveness .

The newspapers and TV media controlled by speculators , hide the reality of world economy .

Western economies with few exceptions will be dragged into stagnation and misery . Life as dreamed by the west will become impossible even for privileged minorities .



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