Obama’s win and the future of earth planet inhabitants .

Obama has won and his main election instrument has been “the creation of a healthy middle class ” .

If big companies around the world making cars and other consumer goods are to safely sell their production , they need a big middle class with enough purchase capacity to buy their products and services .

If say , 5% of society has an exceptional purchase power and the rest is merely surviving , consumer goods manufacturers will collapse .

The possibility of keeping economy going on a drastic uneven distribution of richness , is only relying on a perpetually increasing credit policy for a middle class with low purchase capacity . The debt resulting from that set up will reach levels out of control and will never be paid back .

That is where we are now .

Obama perceives that . The sad news is that many americans as well as many other actors of this planet seem to ignore it .

The election results provide a promising opportunity . But Obama depends on the house of representatives to achieve targets and yet …does Obama and his team know how to achieve ” the creation of a healthy middle class ” or is it just a wishful thinking election argument ?

If he knows , he is the only political leader that knows how to achieve it in this planet .

Basically the main problem lays in the set up of a tax scheme that will stimulate investments in areas of bigger added value projects , ventures and companies .
Investors will have to be reeducated thus in their routine which is currently concentrating in real-estate , stock exchange , commodities and currency speculation because of the absence of such scheme to provide for alternative opportunities .

The creation of a “basket-currency” would help to prevent much of the current volatility . The chinese yuan should be integrated in that “basket-currency”.

My opinion ? Achieving it would be near to a miracle . I believe world greed and ignorance are so strong that we are bound for a well deserved Armageddon .



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