Grandola Vila Morena . The song that started the » Revolución de los Claveles » interrupts Portugal’s Prime Minister .

Mrs Merkel , «Grandola Vila Morena» is a song that Gandhi could have signed . It was heard in the Portuguese Parliament last 15 of February and the portuguese prime minister in grand style , interrupted his speech to hear respectfully the song that no so long ago started the peaceful revolution that ended with two of the longest dictatorships in Europe .

The bubble in what we are immersed was caused by irresponsable governments administration with the complicity of banks included your own .

Austerity is of course needed now , but it has to start with the excesses of those banks as well as the administrations involved . I do not see much of your critics on this .

In fact an intelligent political leader will realise that the more you reduce middle class income , the more you will increase the rupture of the balance between demand and offer .

It is on the state spenditure and corporative excesses allowed by a backwards fiscal policy , that you have to act first . Then in general comfort . But in majority of countries affected by the bubble , consumption is over 75 % of the GDP and with the cuts that you are sponsoring growth will be more difficult and will have to need more indebtment .

You only have to ask any US politician no matter whether republican or democrat . Or better ask the real good economists provided they have no lent any money to the banks mostly affected by the bubble .

Attention Mrs. Merkel , a lot of sensitiveness is needed beyond legitimate polling targets .

Today ..we are all joining the portuguese in their updated version of ..» Grandola Vila Morena »


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Grândola Vila Morena
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