Experiences on my master Avalokiteshvara teachings

Only one way to achieve full detachment .

Learning all dharmas ( phenomena ) in the world of forms may give you the impression of knowing everything and that causes attachment . You will perceive the relativity of your assumption through an equanimous meditation on the world of forms .

Then you will jump into vacuity through detachment of your inner emotions .
Once in full emptiness you will experience the attachment to vacuity . Further concentration will make you feel that vacuity is not the answer and you will conclude in that the answer is the combination of both vacuity with the world of forms shaping together into a united global continue where none have real meaning without the other .
Your mind will then flow easily through vacuity and forms and back without obsessions and you will be able to perceive all kind of phenomena spontaneously .

An yet , further concentration will show you that you are still suffering the attachment to that “reality” of existence and will further wake to jump into non existence as the opposed to existence and further realize that that still cause attachment .

Then you will realize that even the combination of existence and its opposed of no existence , allow for attachment …till further penetration leads you into a no mind state where consciousness is not longer necessary because there is no further possible attachment as nothing is but a relative perception in an infinite scope of possibilities .

The most elementary teaching here is that no matter your level of consciousness you will be convinced that what you perceive is absolute reality …and of course you will be right and wrong …


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