Aborting Crime on Life Insurance Abuse

If you suspect that someone is extorting his / her couple into an abuse Life Insurance Policy with criminal purposes , this is the way to proceed .

The Insurance Consortium or Insurance Regulatory Body , will note your fears and add a warning to any insurance issued in the name of the person suspected of abuse .

They cannot do anything in advance , but the Insurance Company issuing the concerned policy , will add investigation proceedures to the standard ones , specially if decease occur below 65 years of age .

The insurance is currently compelled by law to report to local police of any irregularities .

The result is that most delinquents finish at the Death Corridor where death sentence is allowed or on a life sentence imprisonment .

The prosecution will take place in the country of residence at the time of issuing the policy no matter the nationality of people , nor the place where the insurance head office will be located .

The victims once again are the children , which tutorship is transferred to the relatives by birth of the victim .

The condemn includes financial penalties and compensation on the abuser or relatives by birth , if it is proved that the delinquent has financial links with them .


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