In search of the temple of the real truth .

Where is the temple of the real truth ?

The temple where answers are provided to all questions.

The temple which never shows on television.The temple of which no publicity is ever made.

The hidden temple where secrets are revealed to those perceiving beyond senses.

The Shangrila of spirituality.

I searched for it in my neibourhood.

I searched for it in my town.

I searched for it in my country.

I searched for it in my region of the hemisphere .I searched for it accross the planet .

I searched for it in faraway mountains and rivers.Temples of all kinds served by priests or monks or just abandoned with a fading old monk smiling in the dark.

I went back home and resumed routine in attention . Silently in full balance and consciousness.

Pretending nothing.Disregarding aims and goals. Exploring insight. Realising wu-wei.

Contemplating everything in ecuanimity.

And finally …I found it . The temple was inside me and me was nothing but all.


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