Blindness about spirituality

There are thousands trying to build spirituality on quotes picked from every store available in social webs .

Very few realize spirituality .

Basically spirituality means transcending the ties of passions and emotions without burying them . In fact spirituality is the connection between the environment of the observable and the environment of the non observable …

You don`t act in search of spirituality . You simply act in a way that uncover the spirituality laying deep in yourself …

There are three aspects that keep your spirituality buried :


As long as you don’t know anything beyond your traditions and logics , as long as you pretend that everything in the world has to to be shaped to what you like or dislike …you will be like a frightened hence going around in circles…

They talk about peace of mind and the idea that all that matters is the present…but they are unable to practice the direct thinking ( intuitive ) that frees mind from memories of the past and expectations of future…and contributes to a real clear perception…when acting , thinking or talking…solely in the present..

Free your mind of all that …you don´t have to search for spirituality..It will just show as you stop behaving in angus …Do your little routine …without greatness ..Talking and writing is positive if you have anything to ask…or any real thing to teach…but it is bad as part of a «star role» behavior..
Look at the worst and the best of you ..and try to understand what are the logics in which you are basing those labels …after getting rid of the above three poisons …You might then discover the real path of peace resulting from a non emotional biassed thinking full of equanimity…


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