Listen,do you want to know a secret ?

Listen to this ancient chan,

No matter what you have read,no matter what you have head, these are the clues to reality,

Do vipassana to realise the real morality ( prajna )

Then live in real morality ( sila ) and use it to improve vipassana.

This is the way to a pure mind

During the process do samathy to get familiar with the coordinates you are bound to.

For full awareness the wall has to be removed.

Zazen and koans are the best instruments,but don’t get obsessed.

Koans are not the goal but just the instrument and to solve them, you have to kill your ego and its logics.

Zazen helps you penetrate the wall blinding you and the wall is your ego.

And finally as Hui Neng said " it is just a matter of being blinded or not by dust".If there is no dust,why wasting time to clean it ? Do simply the routine in full conscience.


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