Reflections of an old chan.

If you think meditation is pleasant you are probably needing to change your master or methods.

If you think meditation is unpleasant you are probably needing to change your master or methods.

One of the signals confirming that you are progressing as a buddhist is that you no longer feel proud on anything and that what you do is not pursuing any objective .

You may be postrating a million times to a million statues but as long as you pursue something you are simply out of the path.

Rituals are created to remind or help plain people in certain aspects of a philosophy or discipline , but most of the time rituals derive into some kind of folkloric tradition with no bearing whatsoever in what is essential.

As long as you stick to what you have learned and forget to develop a real pure mind free from tradtions , attachement , obssesions and hate , you will never be able to see through the wall.

Don’t plot anything , just behave consciously and spontaneously witout fears or interests .

The seeds are plenty but the harvest is limited , said a galilean with more than just an apparent buddhist vocation. People tend to accept what pleases them , not what is real .

Past is past and future is a function of present . So put away nostalgies and expectations and do the best you can at every second of your life.

Are you sure that past experiences really help better present experiences ? How do you know that past actions wre wrong or correct ? That , you will only know if perceiving things from an attitude of absolute equanimity .

You are no just your body . You are not just a name. You are not just an engineeer , scientist ,economist ,politician or a prostitute.

You are a manifestation of totallity with an unlimited potential that you will only discover if complementing routine with a pure intuitive mind in full conciousness.

Routine is not to be disregarded . But will be better understood from a higher level of conciousness accessible from a free non conditioned mind.

Meditate, yes. But meditation in a dark corner is just a training. Real meditation is performed as you develop a real morality and experience everything in full conciousness throughout your daily routine .

Brahmason .

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Spain’s economic fiction

The spanish economic model is simply primitive , exhausted and dead.

It is the sort of economic model that requires exceptional quantities of energy-raw material and low qualified labour force to produce small GDP increases.

In consequence high growth rates cause inflation figures above GDP values during expansion cycles.

During contraction cycles the model tends to generate high fixed costs with low growth rates , or in other words stangflation.

The model is specially awqward in Europe because in order to allow the model to provide a similar quality of life in Spain as the north europeans enjoy , it requires a tremendous level of borrowing and indebtedness .

The situation has become dramatic with the clumsy government’s handling of economy during the last years , as no regulations of any kind were imposed on easy credit ( up to 10 times the EBIT ) to companies with no economic future for a mad housing development that sent prices above any other market in the world.

The situation is that Spain has created a housing bubble of bigger proportions than anywhere else in this planet , with middle salaries half those in west Europe , prices much higher and with housing representing a basic huge percentage of GDP.

Yet the government with the support of every media and political parties on both sides of the spectrum , has conveyed to people the idea that the banks stress tests whether real or distorted , is all that the economy needs to recover the old balloon growth .

In reality of course the spanish economy has an impossible problem to solve , with the housing bubble and the inevitable exigence of having to shift from the old construction model to a new model with industries producing services and products of a much more added value with much less raw material and energy inputs while replacing construction workers ( millions imported from different countries who now have become a problem with different implications ) by new technologies engineers and biotechnologists … etc.

That inevitable change will require a different set of polititians than those presently available , who simply ignore the real problems of the country ‘s economy.

The stock exchange has gone temporarily up by the take over of foreign speculators of stocks released by banks to improve their liquidity , who expect medium not informed investors to enter the market , at which stage the proffessionals will simply escape and average investor will again be trapped.

When a big bubble occurs and model has to be changed , the amount of financing needed is three times that used in the creation of the bubble and austerity has to be adopted by many years with the stock exchange strongly dropping and staying in side trading till sound growth is achieved .

Any alternative adopted for a fictious apparent recovery , will only cause total collapse of the economy.

Of course much of what is said here could be applied to some other countries , but the problems in USA , Japan and Britain though having a strong bubble in common , are not exactly the same .


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European banks stress tests and real economy

The world economy has a real problem which is the bubbles .

A bubble is the total rupture between prices and incomes as a result of intense especulation in a certain sector of economy.

The current bubble affecting world economy is that of housing . The prices have burst in several countries to levels which are not only impossible for average income potential buyers but also for most qualified proffessional investors who see no prospects of making money out of reselling housing at their current prices , with prices being pressed for deflation till buying power will be restored by strong price reduction or strong income increase .

The economic cycle being interrupted by the bubbles have left banks as main actors of the process in a situation of blockade with huge amount of unpaid bills and debt levels up to their necks.

But is not only banks . Companies and consumers have been left with tremendous levels of debt .

If we do not restore buying power through a period of austerity , with costs reduction process and strong increase of added value in our GDP ‘ s and instead we try to recover activity by further credit and debt increase , the world economy will collapse.

The stress tests in Europe is just an attempt to relax fears of bankruptcy but do not mean that the economy is now on the road to recovery .

Take Spain for example . Even if banks are fully healthy and ready to help activity , the economy canot recover because it has first to replace housing as growth engine by a more advanced production net that will provide bigger added value GDP. The old model inherited from the sixties with salaries half those of nord european countries and housing clearly more expensive , is saturated .

That should take no less than twelve years as it did in previous examples as that of Finland not so long ago.

Not to mention the inertia caused by the spanish housing bubble which has a much more significant impact in the economy that the japanese bubble had in its economy which is still suffering from it after fifteen years .

With banks into fitness the only countries able to grow are those not handicapped by housing bubbles and enjoying GDP ‘s with a strong added value .

Of course stock exchanges are showing gains because speculators know that the stress tests may confuse most of non proffessional investors who may think this is the beginning of another buoyant economic cycle and put their money back in the stocks .

They are bound to loose even their inner garments.

The economy is far from recovery specially in countries with bubbles , low salaries and heavy debts and deficits.


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Ordinary mind and subtle mind

How do you think ants may perceive your footing on their nest ?

I can assure you that their version of such event has nothing to do with your own version .

Their conclusions whatever they are , will surely be in line with their level of consciousness or in plain words , with their particular common sense and their routine logics.They are unable to identify the happening with the existence of " human beings " whose nature they simply ignore .

Do you really believe that this is only applying to ants ?

No matter the level of consciousness of any set of beings , they will be referring what they perceive " to the usual standard logics in what they evolve , conditioned by the limitations of their senses.

They are all conditioned by their ordinary mind in their perceptions and ordinary mind does not allow " local beings " to perceive reality of the global " environment ".

Too be able to perceive reality as "it is" a human being must be able to trascend de influrnce of its senses , logics and culture ( mental objects ) .

Untill very recenly humans thaught that beyond horizon there was simply the bottomless abyss where you would helpessly fall if careless enough to step beyond it.

Currently it is difficult for the majority of humans to understand why it is simply impossible to accelerate an object up to the speed of light or the fact that totality has no physical boundaries with no possibility of anything existing "out of it " because there is simply no out of it.

To be able to perceive reality " as it is " you simply have to give up your ordinary mind and jump into a non conditioned perception of facts through the " subtle mind ".

The subtle mind is free from the influence of our " taken for granted attitudes " resulting from a routine of logics obediently accepted for a very human without taken the trouble to " investigate the truth of such logics ".

As you gain access to a subtle mind who perceives reality as it is , singularities of every kind such as death and birth as well as universe behaviour , cease to be a burden in your perception and the idea of happiness changes to prevent you from easy suffering.

Buddhist meditation is probably the best instrument to allow access into a subtle mind level.


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The dóllar fate.

The visit to levels of 1 € = 1.20 $ and 1 $ = 89 yens has freed lots of captive dollars and increased liquidity in dollars to never so high peaks .

Now the already cosmic liquidity in dollars does not know where to go and may cause real quakes.

With the american economy captive in a depth of deficits and low competitiveness , the dollar may descend to the infernos and swept world economy with it unless global measures a taken of a different and more realistic nature than those so far displayed to keep the fictious world model running.

China’s discipline will not help the expected relief of liquidity through investments in real state in that country and the return tsunami may cause west economies to get out of hand with bubbles and stangflation.


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El futuro ? Todo está escrito , relea a Brahmason .

No hay nada nuevo que decir , todo se va haciendo realidad.

La realidad se va mostrando tal como la hemos descrito .

Ahora el dólar sin excusas debe afrontar su realidad .

Hay más liquidez en dólares que nunca porque la bajada a 1 € = 1.20 $ ha liberado mucha liquidez atrapada.

Ahora esa mayor oferta en dólares sin lugar donde ir y con una situación crítica de la economía americana pueden causar cualquier terremoto.

La convergencia de deuda a corto con deuda a medio en varias economías amenaza drama .

La contención de burbujas en China va a crear un tsunami de retorno de oferta de liquidez que no podremos asumir.


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Your attention please !! Real , but very real danger in world economy.

Pretending that a number of second or third level economies reduce their defficit while overlooking the deficits of number one economy, is not only hypocrital but useless.

If my perceptions do not fail me , the USA fiscal deficit this year may close around 17 % of the economy’s GDP.

The external defict may not be as drastic when referred to the GDP because stagnation is there , but it will certainly be very drastic when compared to consumption.

The drama is that such deterioration will not have a positive effect in long term recovery because money has been spent in keeping consumption fictiously moving.

I do not pretend to cause unnecesary worries but with all respect to Mr.Obama good intentions , I believe that what is done so far in the USA will only precipitate a world implosion through 2011-2012 if not before.

Unless Greece and some other european economies collapse the dollar should go to where it belongs in real value and that will bring a real chaos to world economy.


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La búsqueda del templo de la enseñanza verdadera.

Ese templo del que nadie habla.

El templo al que sólo muy pocos son capaces de llegar.

Del que no se hace ningún tipo de publicidad.Del que no existe nigún mapa.

Allí donde escuchas la gran enseñanza , limitada a quienes asumen la gran disciplina no contaminada.

Lo busqué en mi barrio.

Después en mi ciudad.

Más tarde en mi país y más tarde en mi hemisferio del mundo.

A lo largo y ancho del planeta.

En las lejanas montañas de Oriente y en la ribera de los ríos sagrados.

Volví a casa.Volví a mi rutina viviendo cada momento con absoluta atención y consciencia en las pequeñas cosas del día,

Penetré en mi interior y observé mi mente y mis reacciones desde la más absoluta ecuanimidad.

Dejé de perseguir cualquier meta u objetivo.Aprendí a observarlo todo desde la espontaneidad y entonces lo supe , entonces lo encontré. El gran templo de la verdad , el gran templo de la enseñanza verdadera . El Shangrilá espiritual estaba en mí y mí no era sino todo y todos.


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In search of the temple of the real truth .

Where is the temple of the real truth ?

The temple where answers are provided to all questions.

The temple which never shows on television.The temple of which no publicity is ever made.

The hidden temple where secrets are revealed to those perceiving beyond senses.

The Shangrila of spirituality.

I searched for it in my neibourhood.

I searched for it in my town.

I searched for it in my country.

I searched for it in my region of the hemisphere .I searched for it accross the planet .

I searched for it in faraway mountains and rivers.Temples of all kinds served by priests or monks or just abandoned with a fading old monk smiling in the dark.

I went back home and resumed routine in attention . Silently in full balance and consciousness.

Pretending nothing.Disregarding aims and goals. Exploring insight. Realising wu-wei.

Contemplating everything in ecuanimity.

And finally …I found it . The temple was inside me and me was nothing but all.


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