Please listen to this

-Have you noticed that past evolution has always ocurred with leading species dissapearing or adapting to the environment ?

The earth has never produced changes to preserve protagonisms of any kind of predators my dear friends.

Do you really think that we can go on for ever growing in numbers and apetites ?

More cars more restaurants , more planes , more houses , more …everything ?

I have no doubts that the old economic models are getting obsolete in most parts of this planet and that the future relies on quality growth patterns without quantitative increases.

Old growth patterns should be highily taxed in most western countries while higher added value GDP s should be fiscally stimulated.

Better added value products and services with very little energy requirements and lots of human skills .

I have no doubts that nuclear fusion is the future of energy ( not nuclear fission ) and that some of the energies being used to replace crude oil will prove worse than it , despite being presented as the ecological solution to all our problems.

The best energy replacement energy to petrol till we have nuclear fusion commercially ready , is the use of much less petrol.

Better tecnologies applications should be demanded from the oil producing companies and bubbles should be prevented to maintain petrol prices without strong fluctuations which may cause oil companies to disregard best technologies applications in their explorations because of temporary low prices in the market.


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The Universe as perceived by an old chan

To name it universe it has to be " the universe " and not just " one universe ".

If it is really the universe , there is nothing beyond it.

There is no " outside " the universe,There is no "beyond it ".

The universe comprises totality ( observable and not observable ).

The universe is the totality happening in the time -space continue , which is more appropiately defined as " consciousness-time-space continue " .

So there is simply no chance of anything external to the universe , because in fact the universe is infinite in time and space.

Of course we have observed one "big-bang" spectrum and many would think that it is ther beginning of the universe ,but as I said not only the observable makes the universe.

There are continuous big-bangs happening in different coordinates of the "conscience-time-space continue" and therefore the single observation we have made of the closer to us spectrum does not mean it is all.

Remember a while ago when you all thaught that beyond the horizon we would simply fall down to some kind of sinister depths !!!!

Big-bangs , quasars , black holes …etc are continuously occurring to reequilibrate the global estate of mass-energy and favouring continuous new cycles.

Indeed it is difficult for the most egocentrical minds to realise that it is inevitable that while local observable processes seem to have a beginnig and an end, totality does not . It is one of the obsessions caused by the general dependence on the capacity of senses .

What I see , hear and feel , is all that exists.Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it.

People familiar wth astro physics and quantum know , that hydrogen atoms inevitably " reincarnate " in atoms of helio freeing in the process an amount of light and heat which is needed for further evolution.

Everyone has the right to choose the most convenient instrument to give a "comfortable" reply to his doubts and fears about life and beyond , but reality is simply what it is and has very little to do with human concepts and logics .

Knowing will never make someone worse but more happy and conscious of the maginific totality of which we are a part . Not knowing is the seed of ignorance and ignorance is the root of all problems.


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