Ordinary mind and subtle mind

How do you think ants may perceive your footing on their nest ?

I can assure you that their version of such event has nothing to do with your own version .

Their conclusions whatever they are , will surely be in line with their level of consciousness or in plain words , with their particular common sense and their routine logics.They are unable to identify the happening with the existence of " human beings " whose nature they simply ignore .

Do you really believe that this is only applying to ants ?

No matter the level of consciousness of any set of beings , they will be referring what they perceive " to the usual standard logics in what they evolve , conditioned by the limitations of their senses.

They are all conditioned by their ordinary mind in their perceptions and ordinary mind does not allow " local beings " to perceive reality of the global " environment ".

Too be able to perceive reality as "it is" a human being must be able to trascend de influrnce of its senses , logics and culture ( mental objects ) .

Untill very recenly humans thaught that beyond horizon there was simply the bottomless abyss where you would helpessly fall if careless enough to step beyond it.

Currently it is difficult for the majority of humans to understand why it is simply impossible to accelerate an object up to the speed of light or the fact that totality has no physical boundaries with no possibility of anything existing "out of it " because there is simply no out of it.

To be able to perceive reality " as it is " you simply have to give up your ordinary mind and jump into a non conditioned perception of facts through the " subtle mind ".

The subtle mind is free from the influence of our " taken for granted attitudes " resulting from a routine of logics obediently accepted for a very human without taken the trouble to " investigate the truth of such logics ".

As you gain access to a subtle mind who perceives reality as it is , singularities of every kind such as death and birth as well as universe behaviour , cease to be a burden in your perception and the idea of happiness changes to prevent you from easy suffering.

Buddhist meditation is probably the best instrument to allow access into a subtle mind level.


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  1. It’s posts like this that keep me coming back and checking this site regularly, thanks for the info!

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