Reflections of an old chan.

If you think meditation is pleasant you are probably needing to change your master or methods.

If you think meditation is unpleasant you are probably needing to change your master or methods.

One of the signals confirming that you are progressing as a buddhist is that you no longer feel proud on anything and that what you do is not pursuing any objective .

You may be postrating a million times to a million statues but as long as you pursue something you are simply out of the path.

Rituals are created to remind or help plain people in certain aspects of a philosophy or discipline , but most of the time rituals derive into some kind of folkloric tradition with no bearing whatsoever in what is essential.

As long as you stick to what you have learned and forget to develop a real pure mind free from tradtions , attachement , obssesions and hate , you will never be able to see through the wall.

Don’t plot anything , just behave consciously and spontaneously witout fears or interests .

The seeds are plenty but the harvest is limited , said a galilean with more than just an apparent buddhist vocation. People tend to accept what pleases them , not what is real .

Past is past and future is a function of present . So put away nostalgies and expectations and do the best you can at every second of your life.

Are you sure that past experiences really help better present experiences ? How do you know that past actions wre wrong or correct ? That , you will only know if perceiving things from an attitude of absolute equanimity .

You are no just your body . You are not just a name. You are not just an engineeer , scientist ,economist ,politician or a prostitute.

You are a manifestation of totallity with an unlimited potential that you will only discover if complementing routine with a pure intuitive mind in full conciousness.

Routine is not to be disregarded . But will be better understood from a higher level of conciousness accessible from a free non conditioned mind.

Meditate, yes. But meditation in a dark corner is just a training. Real meditation is performed as you develop a real morality and experience everything in full conciousness throughout your daily routine .

Brahmason .

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    Reflections of an old chan. | Brahmason’s Blog

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