Quantum computer , Quantum weapons .

Wikileaks , list of shadow investors in several banks….

The moment someone has a quantum computer with the appropiate algorithms , leakers of any sort of "secret" info will see the end of their business .

Mind you I cannot remember having seen the names of any of the alleged leakers in the current affairs of that nature . Remember that Julian Assange is not the leaker of anything . He is just the messanger .

And the list of the banks "secret" investors ? How far the informatic advances have progressed beyond commercial stuff ?

As for traditional ballistics whether from earth or air ?

For a while now we know how to activate a twin particle at no matter what distance . What will be the future the moment someone has a quantum device able to activate a set of particles thousand of miles away without leaving the lab where he is supposed to make his living ? Nobody ahall know who is responsable for any misterious explosion at certain eligible coordinates .

Any company involved in the above processes would definately see its stock value shooting up to values out of control . The whole economic system will be confronted with a real eartquake .

Watch attitudes . Watch company moves . Do you want a clue ?


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