Reflexions of an old chan Dec 2010 ( 2nd issue )

Basically every experience in which we are involved will repeat till we discover the origin of it .

It can be applied to any sort of illness . As long as we do not understand the origin of seekness all we can expect is to eliminate is the synthoms .

Ramadam , Diwalli and Hanookah are over and soon we will go through Christmass and a few months later through Buddha’s day .

Plain people is in the habit of cellebrating those events according to a set of rituals served by sponsors , but howmany really understand that the original versions pretend to be a message to trascend everyday routine and howmany realise the truthness of the message ?

Scientists are currently making a great effort to divulgate the latests discoveries on the way the universe behaves and curiously enough each one watching the issue , tries to accomodate what is said and shown , to the very old beliefs that he or she inherited from his oldies at the time nothing was known about the universe .


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Reflections of an old chan Dec 2010

The ego is not an entity but a trend of behavior of living beings in line with the level of consciousness of each one .

But then dear Peter Russell , does anything including human beings , exist as we pretend it to exist ? Existence as you and others teach , is a very ambiguous term depending more on the observer’s mind than in any sort of "reality" .

We chan refer to the ego in a way that sometimes may make some people think ego is a certain entity for simplicity , but people on the path realises very well , that ego is a mental estate of mind which has to be trascended to have a wider perception of reality beyond emotions and traditional education and culture .

Purest perception is attained as wake up is completed . ( Buddahood in sanscrit )


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