Quantum computer , Quantum weapons .

Wikileaks , list of shadow investors in several banks….

The moment someone has a quantum computer with the appropiate algorithms , leakers of any sort of "secret" info will see the end of their business .

Mind you I cannot remember having seen the names of any of the alleged leakers in the current affairs of that nature . Remember that Julian Assange is not the leaker of anything . He is just the messanger .

And the list of the banks "secret" investors ? How far the informatic advances have progressed beyond commercial stuff ?

As for traditional ballistics whether from earth or air ?

For a while now we know how to activate a twin particle at no matter what distance . What will be the future the moment someone has a quantum device able to activate a set of particles thousand of miles away without leaving the lab where he is supposed to make his living ? Nobody ahall know who is responsable for any misterious explosion at certain eligible coordinates .

Any company involved in the above processes would definately see its stock value shooting up to values out of control . The whole economic system will be confronted with a real eartquake .

Watch attitudes . Watch company moves . Do you want a clue ?


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  1. I think is important to watch governments, they are the dangerous ones. Assange is now in prison and most probably will be sent to Sweden and then USA and «accidentally» killed during the process, maybe in jail, maybe he will «commit suicide»… that’s what you get when you mess with them… and funny enough nobody really cares about this attack to our liberties and freedom of speech…

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