A friendly advice to Mr. Ahmadineyad

Dear sir ,

One never knows to which extend the world info on a certain situation is 100 % exact .

What is absolutely clear is that the last thing this planet needs right now is an armed conflict between you and other people who should feel hurt by certain policies affecting the equilibrium in the region .

I am not pretending to judge attitudes by anybody but being an intelligent person , you should have it very clear that some of your plans make other people in the region feel very worried . So much so because your published policies are accompanied by a sense of distrust from peacefully minded people as the europeans .

It would be real wise therefore that beyond your appreciation of what your reasons are for implementing a certain policy ,you would consider that we are all part of an environment who needs everyone behave adequately to preserve the global equilibrium already very precarious because of egocentric attitudes all round the world .

From a practical point of view you might also want to consider that a final showdown should be anything but good four your own people and I am sure you agree that political leaders actions can only be justified if people who elected them is to be benefitted by such actions . Mainly children and women who are most of the time the main victims of confrontations everywhere caused by men unjustifiable rage .

Wisdom more than intelligence is needed to solve the region and world problems . Please confirm to everybody starting with your people , that you are a wise man to use next opportunity of a meeting with western interlocutors to solve pending problems with an attitude of understanding , instead of letting mounting pressure to increase and derive into situations that plain people will be first to suffer .


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