Who is Brahmason ? What does it mean being an old chan ?

On dualistic terms I am known as Antonio . A man on his 75th turn around the Sun on board the spaceship Tierra .

Brahmason is Antonio’s subtle mind . Free from the influence of any event occurring across this planet , but observing it in full attention with a child’s mind –

Being a chan is to live as a chan . A certain form of buddhism brought to China by Bodidharma the 26th indian patriarch .

Chan was particularly shaped by Hui Neng the 6th chinese patriarch , in a way that is known as the sudden awakening . Hui Neng taught at Nan Hua si ( Shaoguan )

Chan migrated to Korea and Japan on a double option . Progressive and sudden .

I started with the progressive form and currently practice the sudden one .

Chan has much in common with taoism .

Elimination of ego is inherent to practicing chan . Then a no mind attitude never interfering with equanimous observation is paramount and open the door to a state of impermanence and full understanding that leads into dualistic emptiness and full consciousness of totality .


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