Fiscal cliff might not be avoided before Jan 1st . So what ?

And you know what ? It may turn out to be less dramatic than feared .

In fact I am quite sure that a more lasting and realistic agreement will be reached if the agreement occurs without dead line pressures .

Of course not being able to comply with some due payments at maturity , may be found dramatic by some opinion groups but that will not be the end of the world , while colateral effects may help a more realistic solution .

The message canot be that US is in bankruptcy . The message should be that continuous balancing of accounts through unlimited release of debt is not the answer and that the future of sovereign debt has to be worldwide dealt with .

The answer has to take into account the need of changing current growth models by more quality or added value growth policies implying the consolidation of a wide solid middle class and tax concepts will have to be revised to update and widen investment options in line with that target .


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