Please listen to this

-Have you noticed that past evolution has always ocurred with leading species dissapearing or adapting to the environment ?

The earth has never produced changes to preserve protagonisms of any kind of predators my dear friends.

Do you really think that we can go on for ever growing in numbers and apetites ?

More cars more restaurants , more planes , more houses , more …everything ?

I have no doubts that the old economic models are getting obsolete in most parts of this planet and that the future relies on quality growth patterns without quantitative increases.

Old growth patterns should be highily taxed in most western countries while higher added value GDP s should be fiscally stimulated.

Better added value products and services with very little energy requirements and lots of human skills .

I have no doubts that nuclear fusion is the future of energy ( not nuclear fission ) and that some of the energies being used to replace crude oil will prove worse than it , despite being presented as the ecological solution to all our problems.

The best energy replacement energy to petrol till we have nuclear fusion commercially ready , is the use of much less petrol.

Better tecnologies applications should be demanded from the oil producing companies and bubbles should be prevented to maintain petrol prices without strong fluctuations which may cause oil companies to disregard best technologies applications in their explorations because of temporary low prices in the market.


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