What the hell do you need to be happy ?

If you just don´t know, you might be closer to finding the path than you may think.

If you need permanent stimulus,you have a problem.

If you depend of how life treats you,you have a problem.

If you cannot release yourself from the past or are afraid of future , you have a problem.

You may be one of that majority that cannot have much of what is expected or wished and feel frustrated because of this.

You may be one of that minority who feels frustrated at no finding the real goal of your expectations despite having everything.

If you want to find somebody who is happy according to routine standards , forget it.There is no one who can boast being continuously happy.

What you can find is someone who feels the joy of being no matter where and no matter at what time, irrespective of circumstances and conscious of being a part of the fantastic evolution of totality.

Why things are that way and how to reach that state of joy mentioned in last place.?

Human beings are subject to a universe of sensations and emotions when confronted with their environment.
The more so as their ego is more in comand.It is just the mark of individuals belonging to that environement and there is no chance of escaping it unless breaking away with the logics of the environement.

A mature person will occasionally wonder how children may suffer for the possesion of some toy that other children have.

If you trascend the logics of every day routine in the environement wre you belong, reaching a more universal view of things , surely you will be less subject to the local tensions surging from the goals and wishes inherent to that environement.

Your motivations will be different and the more universal your motivations are,the less slave to the dictatorship of your ego you will be.

You will be more free and your observation limits will be highely enlarged.The biggest impersonal joy is achieved when your conscience is free from traditions,local teachings and "taken for granted" mental attitudes which distort reality.

It does not mean you will be against anything.It means that you will only feel somewhat sorry for the obssesions of people belonging to different environements who try to solve global problems and questions by applying rules which are only valid for local interpretations.

Newton gave the earth a brilliant way to confront local problems but when using his logics to discern the universe,it is simply not enough.


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