USA Are you really getting the right picture ?

Now , what is the amount of jobs that private non agricultural sector has to add to really being able to talk about real recovery ?

As long as the added private jobs do not surpass 280.000 and keep the upgoing trend for a long period I doubt anybody may really feel that things are progressing the way we would like them to progress .

Further more , real recovery has to show a bigger percentage of jobs in the industry rather than in the retail and leisure segments which in all probability refer to seasonal or short term precarious openings .

The jobs have to be connected with high technology industries and account for a bigger salary level which only companies producing added value goods and services can pay . That is the only way to creating reachness and consequently enable USA to match imbalances .

Securing strong purchase power through enlargement of the percentage of well paid professionals in advanced industries is the best to guarantee durable quality consumption. That of course will require some stimulous to money going into that kind of investments better than Q indiscriminate stimulous plans which can only promote the advance of purchasses or the promotion of a low added value demand which will worsen the future behaviour of the market .


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