The best way to measure reliability of a country’s economy

-The matching degree of coincidence between GDP ( PIB ) per capita and medium salary level is the strongest indicator of the soundness , competitivity and durability of an economy , because it reflects the percentual dimension of medium class contributing to the GDP as well as its level of proffesional skill and consequently the added value of its GDP .

An economy with a high GDP per capita but a low medium ( average ) salary . indicates that the country is building its growth on speculation and low added value production and services .

That is the heart of the matter in economy . Friedman ,Keynes , Samuelson etc can only be used to optimize the economic momentum , but the structure of an economic model should be based on what we are saying here ´The corresponding economic model should be laid down according to a gradual policy which pace has to be set by the country’s economists if necessary with the help of external advisers , as a function of the country initial resources and economic global situation.

By the way , at the current speed of economic changes , to say that one or other of the above three economists is the one that should be used as a pattern . is simply ridiculous . None of them provides the answer alone . They can only be used as a reference depending of circumstances at global and local level . For real success you should keep in mind that economic measures are not for ever and need to be adapted as quickly as possible to the global economic facts.


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