World economy data shows high temperature.

USA new home sales drop sharply ( 12 % ) while prices also show double dip drop . Some of the oldest FED members demands urgent rates increase .

Dollar unable to hold despite euro peripherial weakness. And american capacity to issue further debt , keeping investors in full stress .

Japan in recession ( GDP -3.6 % and hinting further reduction ) , yet forced to buy USA debt . Japan debt warned under rating . Yen to be watched carefully.

Several world top analists confirm they cannot see reestructuring of greek debt alone if it finally occurs .

Data on growth and inflation in Europe and USA in the second quarter is critical to assess future . USA needs above 280.000 new jobs sustained for several weeks to signal regaining of growth dynamics .

Gold should reach 1600 $ by the end of 2011 but in case that level is reached before August , the reasons will be a confirmation of a return to a deeper crisis . July is therefore a month where things can get real hot . Be watchful . Climatology might make things worse .


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