Economic problems , increase of suffering and obsessions caused by outdated reality .

As real economists know the life of companies is not eternal . The reasons are that sooner or later someone comes out with more advanced proposals or that the product or service of the old company is no longer in fashion or has become too expensive to the perception of demand .

With world big changes occurring so fast the old traditions and routines are no longer providing the expected answers to people getting fresh information that cause them to look for more advanced arguments that will help eliminate the tensions caused by the old routine or teachings in their confrontation with updated reality .

The answers to new challenges are rarely found in books . If you build up your future on what you read in a book , you will always be lagging behind those writing the books .

The answers in fact are inside yourself and depend on your capacity to observe the many options provided by the environment including ideas and opinions af all kinds .

That is only possible from an attitude of ecuanimity and perception based on intuitive direct thinking which finds out the logics of every attitude or event without being influenced by any kind of attachements .

Why do you think that the so called creative people are paid so much for their feedings ? Why do you think these people spend most of their time isolated in environments hardly in sinthony with the standard settings that we are familiar with ?

This works even at scientific research level . The most succesful scientist is the one that can perceive things as a function of the environment in time and space while ignoring obsessions of past logics which are only practical for final checking of matching between new and old realities .

As Alvin Toffler and many others advanced , the real problem of humans is to cope with the change of realities which demand sufficient updated education to assume without shocks and suffering the new coordinates of the space-time continue where our existence is occurring .


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