Currencies watch or what may happen to your money through July August

Yes it sounds the rates exchange producing comfort to dollar , euro and yen is 1$ = 80/81 yens , 1 € = 1.44 / 1.45 $ and 1 € = 116 / 117 yens .

Of course that comfort is not eternal .

There some factors that will soon submit the above equilibrium to a real test of stress .

The outcome of the debate between USA goverment and oposition is the primadona of problems , but then the fake solution to the greek pains to balance debts with reachness production and the doubts on Japan ability to overcome financial pressure as well as recovery of growth , not to mention the underground actions by China as regards USA debt , present a scenario wich even if the parts involved act on the best of their capacities and generosity , may send currencies , gold and commodities into an spiral of volatility .

September with consolidation of growth trends and inflation , may not help at all .

So if you are a champion of speculation you may be about to «earn» in three months more money than you have ever earned before and if you are a plain saver the best you can do is be as defensive as you can .


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