Local perception , cosmic perception .

The totality of space-time continue includes the observable and the not observable .

The portion of the observable that can be observed by a certain observer depends on the degree of evolution of the observer considered .
If you are convinced that the only observer is the human being , you will have difficulties to understand what follows .
In fact applying a cosmic logic , the number of observers are necessarily many more than those we can think of in the earth planet .

Humans can only perceive with their senses a very limited part of the total observable spectrum that we could call the world of forms . It is however logic to assume that anything observable needs an observer able to observe it .
It would be a cosmic non sense that objects would exist with no observers to observe them .

Each part of the space -time continue contains a certain amount of observers and observable forms which belong to the same sphere of existence inherent to a certain level of consciousness .

Humans belong to the type of existence capable of trascending their senses to evolve towards higher level of conciousnes , able to perceive “things” not observable by human senses .

It is simply the basis of evolution . If humans trascending senses learn to interpret and deal with perception beyond senses adequately , evolution consolidates .

The mechanism is not that dificult .

It simply depends on the level of mind . The mind level used to deal with the routine of our daily sensorial activities based on material targets is what we call ordinary mind .

To increase our level of perception we need trascend the mental conditionings of our daily routines ( wishes , traditions ,
attachements , hate …) to wake up to our subttle mind .

The ordinary mind is thus a local instrument that allows us to deal more or less successfully with “local” events . The subttle mind is the instrument that allows to connect with long and distant intervals of the space-time continue .

The zen thinking stablish that “twin” particles repeat everywhere in different points of the space-time continue ( different universes actually ) and that every being is the source of an infinity of individuals .

As the subttle mind is accomplished the being acquires the capacity to connect with past and future , which is nothing but experiences in distant parts of the space.time continue , with time loosing any real meaning .

Vipassana helps to reach a higher level of conciousness through ecuanimity and pureness of thinking .

Samathi is the vehicle transporting pure mind through different levels of existence at observable and not observable levels . ( material and inmaterial )

Advanced born beings can obviate all that to wake up to the highest level of existence for the simple reason they have never being trapped by ordinary mind . As the mirror is clear , why should we pretend to clear the dust ?



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