USA and the world . The budget debt ceiling .

I am not with the republicans .

I am not with the democrats .

I am with both of them .

Isn’t funny ? no matter what , we always depend on USA and again no matter how critic we may be about their performance more often than desirable , the conclusion is that it’s better to depend on them than on anybody else .

The present crisis is after all a good thing to happen , The americans have finally come to the very essentials of their present situation wich is also ours .

The defficits , the way finances and economics of USA and the rest of the world have been dealt with so far , is no longer valid .

That will need a long and deep debate . The possibility of a default in August is not really the most important aspect of the matter . We are talking about the very serious possibility that world economy may collapse .

In fact I am convinced that where we are already there is no escape . The matter is how can we make it easier to bare and how long the present world missery will last .

By the way , majority think that Greece and european future has already been solved and all that it means is analgesic .


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